When I posted my last post about the awesome quality of subjects in travel photography, I was unaware of the Daily Post Photo Challenge. This should never have been missed, since it is an important gathering for photographers on WordPress. Amateurs and professionals alike share their photos, in response to a one-word prompt, with the WordPress community. Even if you you do not consider yourself a photographers yet, I encourage you to take a look there(The Daily Post).

What a coincidence! This week, the prompt is “wanderlust.” Remember my promise to shoot a few night time pictures? When I wandered out at night, it was cold. I cannot seem to bring myself together to go outside of the warm home. I am not a night person, and the sun sets relatively late in Regina, Saskatchewan. Touring the dark easements and empty roads brought a feeling of desolation. The lights in most houses were off, I was walking alone. It was an incredible experience.

I do have some regrets photography-wise. I have underexposed the photos I took during low light conditions, resulting in grainy images, as seen below. Underexposure results in the lack of information gathered by camera sensor, so when the picture is corrected post-production to a suitable tone, spots appear on photograph representing insufficient information to fill the whole picture.  According to this post(Forbes) on Quora, a longer exposure helps reduce the graininess of the photograph, even when the camera sensor is not specially suited for low-light conditions. I only attach two pictures below, as (I hope) better ones are to come.

I will do this again. Photography rocks!


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