Other Resources

Hello everyone! I have decided to launch an “Other Resources” page because the materials one can find online about creativity and cellphone photography are simply never-ending! These are some of my own discoveries, though research, of the greatly helpful blogs and websites. It will be updated as time goes by. A brief description of the website will also be included.

Photography Concentrate: this website lives up to its claim as being a “super extensive guide” on cellphone photography. If there is one website that corresponds with the content on this website the most, this is it. You won’t find many technical details, but all the practical stuff that will have you enjoy taking and sharing photos with your friends.

IPhone Photography: This is a professional iPhone photography website, with a highly popular blog with iPhone photo tips. It is difficult to navigate, as there is so much information! Use the search button to help. Ex. search up “snow”.

The bastards’ book of photography: Don’t let the unusual title hinder you. This is an online photography course that I have found very useful.

How To Make Interesting Photos: A post that tells you just what the title says; I like it.

Shaw Academy: This is where I attempted to start looking for online course. So far, I am hesitant recommending this one, because they operate on paid courses. However, it offers a option of signing up the first course for free. I chose “Smartphone Photography”. I have not watched enough lessons to make judgments, but why keep resources to yourself?

Digital Photo Secrets: A good blog on general photography with a good layout, with separate posts detailing techniques to take pictures of common objects and concepts. What’s more, you can easily browse through the concepts and terms to find the post you want.